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Alumni - Golden memories

NTTF students have made their presence felt in every organisation they have joined. Our Alumni have made us proud by contributing their skills and efforts in organizations not just in India, but all across the globe. NTTF students are known for their unmatched knowledge and expertise, in their respecitve specialisations; knowledge and expertise they have acquired by practical training and industrial exposure at NTTF.

Over the years our Alumni have shown their gratitude to NTTF in numerous ways:
  • Selected alumni have formed Alumni Association chapters, which work for the development and growth of the institute.
  • The Alumni have organized industrial visits, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, discussions, placements etc. for the benefit of our current students. This has helped the students to have a glimpse of the real-life working scenarios, and encouraged them to come up to international standards.

The Alumni also assists in placement of outgoing trainees; updating curriculum, by providing valuable feedback; and, in the introduction of new programs, as per the developments in relevant technical fields.

We actively drive engagement with its Alumni through our Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is a registered body and chapters in other parts of India and the world co-ordinate activities with it. These chapters support the Alma Mater, both for technical enrichment and placements. All graduating students are registered with the Alumni Association.

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