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NTTF is India's Premier Institution for Technical Training


Tilak Karamchand Vikamshi

Batch: 1969

Mr. Tilak K. Vikamshi is the Chairman & Managing Director of Microfinish Group of Companies, Hubli. He cherishes the contributions of NTTF during his early phase of life.

Mr. V L Pannir Selvan

Batch: 1977

Mr. V L Pannir Selvan is presently working as Unit Head, Precision Engineering Division, Titan Industries Ltd-Bangalore. "Aspirations of younger generation are to be aimed at achieving greater heights and they are required to have paradigm shift from their mind set of considering themselves as mere tool maker."

Mr. Rama Prasad K

Batch: 1985

Mr. Rama Prasad K is a Senior Procurement Specialist-Tooling, at OCE Technologies Asia, Singapore. "Practical Knowledge acquired during 2 years has helped us in many ways in shaping our career."

Mr. Sunny Heralgi

Batch: 2006

He is presently associated with Covansys, a CSC(Computer Science Corporation)-UK based company. Technologies Asia, Singapore. "NTTF is a place where diamonds are cut and polished to form a precious, valuable jewel. The main difference that I find between us and products of other Educational Institutions is the Practical Knowledge and Industrial Experiance we possess. In short, the name NTTF itself stands as a Trade Mark of Excellence."

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