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NTTF is India's Premier Institution for Technical Training

Participant Testimonials

"The training at NTTF was a new learning experience. Although I am a graduate and have over five years of work experience in MNCs and leading companies, I found that the faculty of NTTF were able to tell us about new learnings and knowledge that I will truly value for years to come"

- TN Kumar
"I came to NTTF to learn more about soft skills and get a positive attitude. My English speaking was not very good but over the past few weeks I have learnt to speak better and am more confident than I was when I came here. Thank you NTTF"

- Sangeetha Raut
"I am very happy to learn about new manufacturing techniques from NTTF. The faculty for the programmes gave us lots of practical knowledge and examples and I have now learnt about Kaizen, TPM and TQM which will be very useful for me in my job."

- Sanjeeb Roy
"This is a new experience for me. NTTF has provided me with a lot of training which I hope will be useful for me in my career. Thank you Sir."

- Dhanalaxmi M
"Dear Sir, The training on motivation, time management and teamwork has been very useful and I have learnt a lot from NTTF. I will apply these in my work and also tell others about this valuable learning."

- Rishabh Patel
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