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NTTF is India's Premier Institution for Technical Training

Nation Building

NTTF has helped the Nation in its own way. Skilled manpower is the backbone of industry. It helps in creating an enlightened society which is a crucial prerequisite to nation-building. NTTF started its journey more than 50 years ago keeping this need of the nation in mind and continues to focus on this activity. NTTF has always strived towards creating strong technical skills: which is now being felt as a strong need nation-wide.

NTTF has not only given the Nation academically excellent and brilliant students, who are brightening India's future with their hard work and strong willpower; it has also developed vocational employability in India, which the Nation really requires. It has imparted vocational education as technical education, so that the trainees directly develop expertise in a particular group of techniques. NTTF's vocational employability prepares students for jobs or careers at various levels. NTTF has been contributing to the Nation since 1963. NTTF has been enhancing the technological skill-base all across the nation.

NTTF Mission and Values
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