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NTTF has been focusing on providing a holistic approach to the training provided to our students, with the overall development of the student's personality being given as much importance as the academics. This approach has assisted our students in developing a core understanding of the concepts which are to be implemented in the industry; and the process has been endorsed by leading organisations in industry, and our alumni.

We are proud to say that we have a placement record of placing our students in more than 500 leading Industrial institutions all around the world. We, at NTTF, have our prime foci on the overall development and the training of the students, and we thrive in the knowledge that the talents of our students have always proven us right with respect to placement success. The below listed are some of the companies we have placed our students in, over the course of five decades of technical training.

We at NTTF always focus on quality placements and our aim is to assist our students in placements; but at the same time NTTF does not guarantee 100% placements.

Tool and Die Making
Information Technology
Computer Enginnering
Advanced Diploma
Post Graduation

Diploma in Tool and Die-Making

  • Caparo Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  • Amalgamation Valeo Clutch(P)Ltd, Chennai
  • Amalgamation Repco Ltd, Chennai
  • Sundaram Clayton Ltd, Chennai
  • Lucas TVS, Pondicherry
  • Titan Industries Ltd
  • Hinduja Foundaries, Chennai
  • NTTFIPL,Bangalore
  • NTTFIPL,Vellore
  • Sundaram Clayton, Hosur
  • Harita Seating Systems , Hosur
  • Lucas TVS Ltd, Chennai
  • CHENNAI CNC, Chennai
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