Our CSR Activity

In a developing country like India, there are sections of the society who live in marginalized areas, under difficult situations where they lack proper representation, power, and status, which stops them from claiming their inherent rights and deny opportunities to enhance their living standards. NTTF has joined hands with various Government, Non-Government agencies, and corporate houses, in making an attempt to go beyond the conventional definitions and extend a more sustainable livelihood towards them. 

We believe in providing a sustainable skill delivery system that supports the inclusive economic growth, agenda of the nation and leverages the advantage of India’s demographic dividend. We aim to ensure that every youth leaves with a qualification that is recognized and is valued by the employers. Our training will ultimately provide them with the skills necessary to succeed at work from day one. 

CSR is seen as an excellent way to build long term relationships for the betterment of society through advanced technical inputs.

  1. Promotion of education including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children, women, elderly and the differently-abled and livelihood enhancement projects.
  2. Promoting gender equality, empowering women.

 Our existing CSR projects aim to provide training with a rehabilitative and holistic perspective to address their vulnerability and social exclusion and make them live life in an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable manner which is addressed as below.

NTTF has partnered with a lot of other organizations having associations with IOCL, BPCL providing 6-Month Certification Program for ITI to support the OIL & GAS Industry Sector, also we have associations with TATA Steel, Jindal Power and HCL Foundation pertaining to various skill development courses.

NCVT Program For Specially Abled:

       The NCVT training program started at NTTF – Electronics city center, 30 years ago in the year 1991 for the benefit of specially-abled (Orthopedically challenged, Hunch back, Stammering, Dwarf, and Hearing-impaired) as a social cause. Candidates from various parts of Karnataka and other states are selected for the course. Special care has been taken for recruiting candidates from the weaker section and rural areas. 455 trainees have been benefited from this training since 1991. These students will appear for the All India Trade Test conducted by DGET, Government of India. During the training period, these students are provided with a free canteen (Lunch & tea) facility.

     National Council for Vocational Training is a 2 years program in the trade of Electronics, Mechanical which is affiliated to the Directorate of General Employment and Training (DGET) - New Delhi, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, approved by Department of Employment and training – Karnataka. 

  • NTTF is awarded “National Award for the Welfare of People with Disabilities” On 3rd Dec 1998 on the eve of World Disabled Day which was presented by Honourable prime minister of India Sri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee at Vignan Bhavan, New Delhi.
  • The trainees are trained in the PCB assembly area as part of their training to enhance the placement opportunity. The training in PCB assembly consists of forming, assembling, manual and wave soldering, SMT, Wire Harnessing and testing. Hence these trainees become independent to lead their life comfortably after two years. 
  • We are happy to inform that the candidates trained in this center are placed in various Government and Private Organisations. They are happily leading their lives independently by taking care of their parents too.
Paradada Paradadi Educational Society:

        Paradada Paradadi Educational Society (PPES) is an NTTF CSR initiative whose mission states “Rural Development through education, employment, and empowering rural girls and women socially and economically”. The main focus of the program is to encourage each girl to become an independent thinker and self-learner.

        This program capitalizes on 10th passed out girl students who come to NTTF and pursue their formal Diploma in Computer Education which is offered free of cost by imparting placement-linked and market-oriented skill training with suitable wage/ self-employment opportunities.

How NTTF has Transformed Lives:


NTTF’s Youth Livelihood and Empowerment Theory of Change reflects all the changes at various levels that can contribute towards enabling youth to have sufficient incomes and resources to enable sustainable, productive and fulfilling lives. Below we have few success stories of our candidates who have transformed their lives after joining NTTF.

First I would like to thank all of you who gave this beautiful chance to share my life journey with everyone. I belong to the middle family.

When I was planning to come to Bangalore for higher studies my parents were so happy. It was the last wish of my mom that I should do something different from others. She always used to help me in any situation. She was the first person to support me for everything and also a bestie for me. Meanwhile, I was pursuing my 12th and she was suffering from health issues. And finally, the day came when I passed my 12th class with 1st division and was the topper of my college. It was a proud moment for my parents.

Then I started preparation for Bangalore's study.8th of June 2015 I was having train for Bangalore but it was my bad luck that the 7th of June I lost my mom. That was the worst day of my life. I lost me all hope, that time I don’t want to do anything just wanted to die with her. I just died totally from inside. Then my family member decides not to send me for higher study. They were like how her younger sister will do after she goes there, and how her dad will after she has gone there for study. They were like to let her get married and all. My dad and my bade papa told to everyone that let her make her future by her hands. Then she will not be depended. Then my school staff helped me a lot. They have spoken with my family member and they were like we are there to take care of her. She will be the first girl from your home to prove herself. Then finally they told ok. My dad always used to support me in every situation and my younger sister even though she was too small at that time but she had supported me a lot. Then finally I came to Bangalore, before one month we came here, for one month I was like just remembering that worst day of my life, I used to call my dad that I wanted to come back I don’t want to do study here. Even he was so said after seeing my condition. Afterwards, the class started and my new life begins here. It was too difficult for me to study here. 

I was not able to focus on study. Even in 1st semester, I got 2 supply and I was so sad. How I will complete my 3 years diploma from here. Then in 1st attempt, I cleared my supply because all my college staff helped me a lot. They used to help me with each problem, and I started focusing on my study then after a hard time finally I was doing my good and I was started speaking English with my faculties and even I used to speak English with friends. My friends used a laugh at me whenever I used to speak in English but I was happy at least I learned something. Later I was speaking not much well English but better than my past days. When I was not knowing how to communicate in English.

Our faculties are really awesome. I wish everyone to get facilities like them. They only reason behind my success. They helped me a lot with each problem. They built my broken confidence level on my back. Finally, I got placed in a good company (UST GLOBAL) because of my placement in-charge and my effort. She is really bold and the best lady I ever have seen in my life. She used to care for me like her daughter. She supported me a lot. And special thanks for my academic in charge to help me to bring back my past bold girl power.

When I got a job my dad was so happy and my family members too. Now I can say I am the person brought many changes in my village now Everybody used to tell my dad your daughter is not a daughter she is your son ( in my home village one rule was there the only son can help their parents . Now they used to tell son can forget their parents after getting married but daughter will be always same). Nowadays my dad used to say proudly that I am having 2 daughters. So that was only my life journey till now. And special thanks for my all faculties 

My name is Rajni Choudhary Sejwal. I was born and bought up in Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh). My family is a small one of 5 people- Papa, Mamma, elder sister, younger brother and myself. My father was a farmer whereas my mother is a homemaker and my sister is studying nursing and my brother is in the 5th standard. I completed my 10th with 80% and 12th with 77% from PPIC Institute. I got all the support from my family when it comes to studying. I participated in cultural activities and sports and were more interested in Dance. I represented my school in Q scout and got a prize at the state level.

My life got a turn when I came to Bangalore to join in college. My school Madam, Ms Taruna, told me about the NTTF and IT course. I was scared to introduce about my wish to learn in Bangalore to my family. But when I was told about it, I got all the support. My papa supported me the most as he was the strength of mine and he wanted me to have the best in my life. Whenever I faced a problem, he was there for me with all the love and support. I joined IT in NTTF in 2015. It was a very new and tough experience for me as it was my first time in life separated from my family. It was difficult to catch up with everything in college in the beginning as my medium of communication was Hindi. But I learned so hard that I won’t fail in any subject. I continued participating in dance from college also as it’s my passion. I got good support from my faculties in studies. It was my dream to achieve a good job so that I can help my papa in all possible ways. He struggled a lot growing us up. I lost my pappa when I was in the final year. It was the most heart-breaking time of my life. He was the one who wanted to see me achieving good things in life.

I got a job in Knowledge Lens, an IT company, in Bangalore as a Support Engineer through campus selection. It was my fourth company interview. When I got this job, my mam, Ms Rijina, was the happiest as she always was given special care for me. I was so happy I got this job as it was a most-job-needed time in my life.

I joined the company on 26th March 2018. The office atmosphere was good as my college classmates were already working there. Initially, the job was tough for me as I was not able to catch it up easily. But with my hard work, I learned everything and made my place in the company secured. I believe hard work always pays off. I got awarded as the best newcomer in the company. It was my senior, Ms Hemalatha, and my friend, Mr Vineeth, who helped me a lot to achieve this award.

Now I feel my decision to come to Bangalore and join in NTTF as the best. Even if I had up and downs in my life, I feel independent now. 

This is my life journey up to now....... I am Anju. I am from (Shivnagla, a small village in) Uttar Pradesh. My father's name is Mr Rajveer Singh and he is a farmer and a good father too. My mother's name is Mrs Mukesh Devi and she is a Homemaker. I have two brothers and three sisters. I did my schooling from Pardada Pardadi School. One of my mam (Renuka mam) always uses to say that I am your mother and you all my children's and I want my children to keep on dreaming she use to say if we will dream then only we achieve our dream (goal). They help me a lot. And that time my dream was I should go out from Uttar Pradesh and I should study something and I should do something different and make my parents proud of me because in our place mostly for girls are not much educated there people are thinking that education is not important for girls they should get marry soon and live their life happily. Some of my seniors used to come to school they all were doing different courses from different places. Pardada pardadi only sent those to get a higher education, some of them got a job also that time.

They used to say about their studies their life and also they motivate us to do some higher education and get a good job. Then when I came in 12th class so I also thought to do something and I asked my parents that I want to go to Bangalore and I want to do engineering. That time my father said that beta whatever you want to do you can do that it's your life and I don't want my children's to do that what I'm doing now... I want to see my children's to grow more in their life for that if I want to sale my field I'll do that and I'll pay money for your education.

But some of my relatives were not happy with that they were like don't send her this much far from home who will take care of her and if anything happens with her then how you will come to know that all these things. But my parents support me and I took a loan for my education and I came to NTTF college in Bangalore for doing a diploma in IT(information technology).

After coming to Bangalore also I faced many problems and my main problem was English. There everything was in English only and I was not knowing how to speak in English accept my introduction. When all used to speak in English each other I was like how the people are speaking, how they learn whatever they speak I was not getting anything but somehow I was managing with that. There I got many friends from different states. I was trying to speak in English with them and if I was doing any mistakes in pronunciation and all they used to correct me and my faculties also supported me a lot.

Because of habitation and shyness, I was not asking any questions in my class. They said you should be confident with your thoughts and with yourself, you ask questions it doesn't matter whether it is right or wrong.

I studied hard and I cleared my five semesters with good marks. The 6th semester was full challenging and tough for me because I need to get a placement from college and I need to get a good job also for what I left my home and I came to Bangalore. That time my thinking was like whether I'll get a good job or not.

My faculties also helped me a lot. Daily they used to come to my class and used to motivate all students. They kept some aptitude and group discussion classes in which we all students can improve ourselves. It was very tough for me but I did hard work and I tried my best.

I attended many Interviews but I got rejected from all. After that UST global company came to NTTF College for placement. And finally 4th of April I got placed in UST GLOBAL Company. I was happy mostly my faculties and my parents were too happy because of me. In June month my college was over and on October 1st, 2018 I joined in company. And now I'm working in Intel Company through UST Global as a contractor in Bellendur, Bangalore. And the monthly package is 20, 000 thousand rupees.

Now I'm so happy and my parents also proud of me because I'm the one girl who is working out of my state from my family. So I'm thankful for all of you who helped me each and every stage.

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