IoT and Machine Learning Advanced Certification program

Program Details

Program type Department Duration Program Fee
Certificate Course School of Computing Science
24 Weeks(6 Months)

Program Details

While much of the attention in the IoT world is drawn toward the explosion of software in everyday devices, another technology revolution is happening that might be even more far reaching in impact. The cloud itself is changing from a place where data is collected and stored to a place where it is being interpreted and understood through the power of machine learning.

Age: Not more than 24 years as at the time of admission.

  • To prepare participants with the technical knowledge and skills needed to collect and analyze the big data.
  • To develop participants for plan, implement, and analyze the real world data in factory automation.
  • To develop graduates that can identify, analyse, and remediate in the smart factory.
  • Instructor-Led-Training
  • Hands-on-Lab
  • Self paced learning with Guidance

Sl. No.

Module Name



Introduction to internet of things, familiarization with Linux

2 Weeks


C and python programming

4 Weeks


Sensor with communication devices

2 Weeks


Implementation of IoT with Intel platform

3 Weeks


Industrial IoT: Case Study: Agriculture, Healthcare, Smart factory.

3 Weeks


Introduction to machine learning, Supervised and unsupervised learning

2 Weeks


Regression , Bayesian Methods

2 Weeks


Refinements to Classification Kernel Methods, Intermediate Classification Algorithms

2 Weeks


Clustering Methods ,Sequential Data Models

2 Weeks


Clustering Methods - II

2 Weeks



24 weeks

  • Basics of IoT and ML to get started - Work with Wi-Fi Module, Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Relays, LEDs, and Buzzers etc.
  • Data Visualization via Google Library,- Trigger automated SMS and E-Mail alerts
    - Integrating devices with Twitter
  • Cloud Computing: Sending the data to cloud, Working with APIs, Working with Linux VPS and Linux command line
  • Machine Learning, - Data prediction,  Anomaly Detection
  • Programming Languages Covered from Basics: HTML, Python,
  • Measure the performance of decision making systems in the smart factory
  • Implement continuous monitoring and provide real-time update to predict the demand.

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