Convocation address by Dr.Subroto Bagchi at 55th NTTF Annual convocation highlights.

Convocation address by Dr.Subroto Bagchi  at 55th NTTF Annual convocation highlights;

Skilled professionals process kinesthetic intelligence. kinesthetic capacity comes from the harmony between our body and mind. Like On the shop floor, while fixing a robotic arm, or under the sea, welding a ship, you must have a high degree of physical fitness and matching mental agility. Without these, you cannot achieve excellence and you have understood that during your years at NTTF,

He said; At NTTF, you have been taught to be frugal in everything you do. You respect resources. You have learned to do with less. You have internalized the idea of sustainability; one that tells us to convert raw material into a finished product with minimum or no wastage. Frugality is a hugely valuable quality in our world today. It is also the essence of a great character. But it requires observation and practice. Your counterpart who is studying liberal arts, MBA, science, and engineering, has little scope to practice frugality. Their idea of saving the planet is comparatively passive. You are trained to work with deadlines. It is now second nature to you.  

Dr. Subrato Bagchi added further; What NTTF has chiseled out of you is someone very valuable, whose worth is well beyond just serving a machine, however, glorified, however hi-tech, how much 4.0 it might be. Your skill in your chosen trade is just the key to a door, and beyond that door are many other doors waiting for you to open. In saying so, I make an important point.

Dr. Subrato Bagchi mentioned further;  Look at the qualifications of most entrepreneurs and see what they have gone on to build. In countless instances, there is no connection between what they formally learned and what they formally do. I studied Political Science but Co-Founded an IT Company, Bhavish Agarwal, Founder of OLA, Studied Computer Science but started a ride-taxi Company. Ritesh Agarwal who didn’t go beyond high school started OYO, one of the highest funded companies in the hotel and hospitality business.

He Blessed NTTF Students with his Great inspiring speech

What you studied at NTTF is a launchpad, a platform, it need not be the Journey, nor the destination. So, don’t get reduced to a trade. You are the master of your trade and not the other way around.

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