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 Final Year Student's Project: 2019


Project: Automated ATM Centre

This project includes many features. This atm center was controlled by a mobile phone using wi-fi. The esp8266 with 1mb of built-in flash, allowing for a single-chip device capable of connecting wi-fi.  It is controlled by esp32 (Arduino).in this IR sensor will detect the level of currency and transfer the signal to Arduino board, from Arduino a signal will be sent to the bank through IoT. The output of the vibration sensor signal will go to the Arduino board and the message will be sent to the police station through IoT. The output devices for alert, cooling and indication buzzer, fan and led are connected with Arduino through unl2003.    To drive motor from the controller board l298d motor driver ic is used. The motor driver is usually used to control the motor and drive the motor.

Project: Radar Boat Using Arduino

Radar boat in an Arduino based project. In this project, we use an ultrasonic sensor. If the boat detects an object in its path, it sends an alert through the buzzer. Gps module is used to track the latitude and the longitude of the location. When the boat crosses the warning sea border location it sends a message through the gsm module for the designated mobile number. Gsm module is used by interfacing using at commands. Buzzer and motor are the output device. Buzzer sends an alert message and motor is used for locomotive movements. It can be used by the fishermen from being accused of trespassing.

Project: RF Based Shopping Trolley

The main goal of this project is to design an rf based shopping trolley. The user will switch on rf transmitter, the trolley starts to follow the user with respect to the condition of the ir2 and ir3.ir4 is used to maintain the distance from the trolley to the user.rf receiver will give signals to the microcontroller if it gets signals from rf transmitter .the microcontroller give the signal to the motor with the basis of rf receiver and ir2,ir3 & ir4.we use ir1 sensor to count the products putting in the trolley, and it is displayed in the LCD display.

 Project: Smart House Using IoT

The main goal of our project is to design a smart house. Two dc gear motors are used. One motor for opening and closing of windows and other for opening and closing of car parking door. These can be controlled using mobile applications. The mobile application can be build by using bylnk application. And notification is sent through the mobile application. A rain sensor senses the rain and it actuates the windows to close. A gas sensor senses the LPG gas and actuates the exhaust fan and for every operation, we can get a notification through the mobile app. The esp8266 nodemcu can be programmed through arduino ide software.

Project: Vehicle Controlled By IoT

The main goal of our project is to design a smart IoT vehicle. This project includes features are to control the vehicle in forward, reverse, left, right directions. This smart IoT vehicle was controlled by a mobile phone using wi-fi. We are using esp8266 nodemcu as a wi-fi module. We are using four dc gear motors. All motors used to control the direction of the vehicle. These can be controlled using the HTML web page application. the esp8266 nodemcu can be programmed through Arduino ide software.

Project: Smart Industry

The main objective of this project is to design a smart industry. The PIR sensor is involved in this project. If the sensor produces the output that signal is processed in the microcontroller and it opens the door .this project consists of an RFID reader. If a worker swipes the RFID card on this reader that code is processed in the microcontroller and it will display the name of the worker and number of times the card was swiped. after the entry of our employee there will be a manual actuation to start the conveyor  an IR sensor is used in this project to detect the bottles on the conveyor if the sensor produces the output and it will processed on the controller and it will stop for 7 sec at that time the pump fill water on the bottle it will run for 5sec after that it will off . At the same time, the side door is opened this project having a smoke sensor to detect the fire inside the industry. If the smoke sensor produces the output. This signal has passed to the 89s52. Then it will activate the buzzer to make an alert on the industry. And the LCD display will display the word fire. After that, the whole industry stop working.

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