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NTTF is one of the oldest and one of the leading institutes focusing on providing technical training in various disciplines. Created and nurtured with care, NTTF has spread its seeds to various parts of India. NTTF not only focuses on academic excellence but also takes immense interest in the overall development of the students.

NTTF maintains an overall standard throughout its centres. All the campuses are equipped with equipment featuring the latest technologies, and contain quality infrastructure consisting of advanced laboratories, specialized workshops, spacious classrooms and internet facillities; to support students in their overall academic growth.

Co-curricular Activities

NTTF believes in the wholesome development of the individual. As part of this holistic development, social development programs, sports and extra-curricular activities are a must for the students. Some of the activities undertaken at our different campuses include Blood Donation Camps, Medical Camps, Village Camps, Cultural Events, Sports Meets.

NTTF Mission and Values
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