Certificate Programs

Diploma certificates will be awarded by NTTF apart from the diploma certification, the trainees could also get an additional certification from NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework) every year during the 3-year diploma programme. This NSQF certification would be issued for all trainees who successfully pass the assessment test conducted by the relevant Sector Skill Council – SSC and NSDC, every year.

CONCURRENT PROGRAMME: Trainees on successful completion of the concurrent programme will receive NTTF Certificate along with B.Voc. Certificate from DSU.

We are providing several certification programmes.


Certification Program in Electronic Technician

To train an individual to work in electronic assembly, involving SMT Pick and Place Assembly line operation. Manual Soldering Reflow Oven Operation Identify and deploy appropriate component feeders Basic Design of Stencil for Solder Paste Application Component Forming, Lead Trimming, Mounting (Manual) Set-up, troubleshoot, program and operate High Speed Pick and Place Units Programming and Operation of Fully Automatic/ Semi-Automatic Assembly Machines Programming and Operation of Fully Automatic/ Semi-Automatic Soldering machines, use of Bed of Nails or other similar testing fixtures through Hole PCB Assembly Operation.

 Quality Assurance related to the processes for both of the above: Learning outcome apart from the listed skills, an individual would be familiar with safety and ESD precautions of the electronic industry. They will also be capable of reading BUM/Circuit Diagrams and other Quality Assurance documentation. This one-year program is offered in Bengaluru (Electronic City) and Malappuram (Kerala).

Certificate Program in Precision Machinist

A one-year certificate program offered at Baddi, Dharwad and Tellicherry. This program is focused to produce skilled tool room machinists to support industries in India and abroad. After the course, the trainees shall be capable of working independently or all conventional and non-conventional tool room machines like Lathe, Milling, Grinding, Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), CNC Machining, Inspection, and Maintenance of Machines, etc. The trainees during the course will learn to manufacture of parts of Press Tools, Molds, Jigs and fixtures and to produce precise components. The CPPM program will prepare the trainee to operate and set-up machine tools for the machining industry. The students will learn General Machining Skills based on the skills and knowledge identified by the Industry. The student will learn how to interpret Engineering Drawing and AutoCAD, Production Planning, Computer-aided Machining and Programming Techniques, Quality Control and how to operate precision measuring instruments are also emphasized in the programmes. The qualified students can work as technicians in machine shops and tool rooms.

Certificate Program in Computer Application

This is a one-year program offered at Baddi. The trainees get good knowledge in computer fundamentals, industrial computing, office automation packages, web designing, hardware and network administration and troubleshooting. At the end of the program, the students will be able to manage data entry operations of various kinds across the spectrum of all industries.

Certificate Program in CNC Technology

A one-year certificate program in CNC Technology is offered by NTTF at Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka and Tellicherry, Kerala. This program imparts the necessary practical skills and hands-on training to operate different CNC machines. CNC machines offer a lot more accuracy, flexibility, repeatability and reliability, making the computerised machining a natural choice than a mere option in modern manufacturing. The trainees during the course, learn all general machining operations with emphasis on part programming and CNC machining to produce precise components. The trainees also learn how to operate precision measuring instruments and interpret engineering drawing and CADD. This unique program is an opportunity for students who have a passion for variety and dedication for accuracy. Employability and growth opportunity is unlimited in India as well as abroad as you gain more experience in this field.


Certificate Program in Tool and Die Making

A two-year program is offered at Dharwad, Malappuram, Murbad and Tellicherry. The course provides thorough practical and theoretical knowledge to the trainees, making them craftsmen in the area of Tool Manufacturing. The subject of study: English, Applied Science, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Production Technology, Material Technology, Industrial Education, Quality control and Metrology, Tool Design Theory (Press Tools, Molds, Jigs and Fixtures) Workshop Calculation, Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment.

Practical bench work including Advanced Fitting, Machine Work, Training in Inspection, and Heat Treatment a Maintenance. Exposure to AutoCAD and CNC. Project work implementation of the production of Press Tool and Mould based projects are taught.

Certificate Program in Electronics

It’s a two-year certificate program that happens in Bengaluru, Gopalpur, Jamshedpur and Murbad. This program is focused to meet the requirements of industries dealing with Analog, Digital and Industrial Electronics, Microcontrollers, Instrumentation, Telecommunication and Computer Basics. The course intends to provide adequate primary engineering knowledge in the beginning, and then in-depth knowledge of Electronics.

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