NTTF Diploma Programs Overview

Please check below our diploma program certification details with a year-wise break-up.

NTTF has a legacy of helping the youth of India in developing their technical skills for the past 62 years. We offer International Diploma Programs accredited by NOCN, UK in various disciplines such as Diploma in Tool Engineering and Digital Manufacturing (CP01), Diploma in Electronics and Embedded Systems (CP04), Diploma in Computer Engineering and IT Infrastructure (CP08), Diploma in IT and Data Science (CP09), Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering and Smart Factory (CP15) and Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (CP23).

Almost all our programs focus 70% on practical training and 30% on theory, enabling students to sharpen their technical skills and work as skilled professionals from the very beginning of their careers. Through various workshops, the latest training methods, soft skills development curriculums, internet, and library facilities, we ensure to provide a holistic learning experience to our students.

Multi Entry-Exit Options

Students can join our 3-year integrated diploma programs only after completing their SSLC or PUC or Class 12. They will have the option to take a break after completing their 1st year or 2nd year and resume their studies again whenever they wish by joining the subsequent relevant year.

At the end of the 1st year, a student will get a certificate based on a particular job role e.g., Mechanical Fitter, Electronics Assembly Technician, etc., and can take a break. Then a student can resume in the 2nd year to earn certificate credits. Similarly, after the 2nd year, a student gets a relevant job role-based certificate and can take a break, then resume in the 3rd year to earn diploma credits. After completing the 3rd year, a student will earn a Diploma Degree.

There will be no restrictions on the break period. However, once a break is taken, they can only re-join at the beginning of the following academic year. 

Why Multi Entry-Exit?

Multiple entry and exit options remove rigid boundaries and facilitate new possibilities for learners. They ensure flexible learning and students get certifications or earn credits at each level. Also, with multiple entry-exit options, our students get opportunities to join and complete their diplomas at their convenience. 

Our courses are designed to make the students realize the industry requirements, learn the latest trends & get hands-on experience. We emphasize more on imparting hands-on practical knowledge to make the students Industry-ready. Our curriculum is intensively designed with classroom lectures, training, workshop sessions & industry visits. Enabling Excellent placement record for our students.

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A solid track record in placement for NTTF Diploma graduates over last 6 decades.

NTTF Diplomas are well recognised in the industry as it offers the most relevant courses keeping in pace with new technologies and more than 500 companies do campus selection of our students with attractive salary packages.


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