Skill Development

NSFDC (National Scheduled Castes Finance & Development Corporation), a Govt. of India Undertaking, is conducting certain Skill Development Training programs for the SC (Scheduled Castes) candidates in collaboration with NTTF. The programme is “An Initiative of REC (Rural Electrification Corporation Limited) foundation under the CSR Activities of REC Ltd.”

NTTF SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE with its Head Office situated in Electronic city, Bangalore, plays a major role in imparting skill development programs for the Indian citizens.  The objective of the programs is to create sustainable livelihoods, by developing an end-to-end outcome-focused implementation framework, which matches with the demands of the industry. The programs are created to build a well-trained, skilled workforce in India.

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social innovation in India. Realising the importance, NTTF aims to converge skills and knowledge perfectly in the skill training activities to create a better workforce. Also, we work in an era where dealing with ambiguity and disruptive trends are pivotal to success. Thus, adapting to new skills and attitudes is now inevitable for success, and will prove all the more critical in the years to come.


Skill Development Training Program Status

State Numbers allotted Commenced Completed Ongoing Remarks
Karnataka 282 282 282 -  
Tamilnadu 158 158 158 -  
Kerala 281 281 281 -  
Andhra Pradesh 169 169 169 -  
Rajasthan 46 46 46 -  
Total 936 936 936 -  

Why Skill Development for students?

As much as learning is an ongoing process, skill development follows the same trend. Each product seeks a competitive edge and future employability largely depends on how perfect one’s skills are.

Skills are competencies expected to produce positive, beneficial results for an organisation. With India’s rapid economic growth in recent years, driven by the new-age technologies, the need for skills development across industries has become crucial.

NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) has contributed significantly to the overall achievement of the Skill India mission. To proactively catalyse the economic growth of our nation, we believe that quality vocational training and support systems for skill development demand attention.

Association with Sector Skills Councils:

  •  Capital Goods Skill Council (CGSC)
  •  Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI)
  •  IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM (IT-ITeS)
  •  Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC)
  •  Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC)
  •  Skill Council for Mining Sector (SCMS)

Approved Job Roles under Section Skill Councils

Course Name NSQF Level Sector Skill Council Corresponding Qualification Pack Ref ID Notional Hours provided by NSDC
CNC Operator Turning 3 CGSC CSC/Q0115 400
Operator Conventional Turning 2 CGSC CSC/Q0110 450
Draughtsman Mechanical 4 CGSC CSC/Q0402 400
Tool & Die Maker 5 CGSC CSC/Q0306 900
Filter Mechanical Assembly 3 CGSC CSC/Q0304 500
Operator Conventional Milling 2 CGSC CSC/Q0106 400
Operator Conventional Surface Grinding Machines 2 CGSC CSC/Q0109 300
CNC Operator Vertical Machining Center 3 CGSC CSC/Q0116 400
Filter Fabrication 3 CGSC CSC/Q0303 500
Senior Manual Metal Arc Welder 4 CGSC CSC/Q0208 610
Filter Electrical & Electronic Assembly 3 CGSC CSC/Q0305 500
Technician Instrumentation 4 CGSC CSC/Q0602 500
Manual Metal Arc Welding/Shielding Metal Arc Welding 3 CGSC CSC/Q0204 500
CNC Setter cum Operator tuning 4 CGSC CSC/Q0120 560
QC Inspector 3 ASDC ASC/Q6301 300
Welding Assistant 2 ASDC ASC/Q3101 160
Plastic Moulding Operator/Technician 4 ASDC ASC/Q4401 400
Machine Technician / CNC Operator L4 4 ASDC ASC/Q3503 400
Automation Specialist Level 5 5 ASDC ASC/Q6807 550
Tool Room Designer Level 5 5 ASDC ASC/Q4001 500
Auto Component Assembly Filter 3 ASDC ASC/Q3701 400
Vehicle Assembly Filter 3 ASDC ASC/Q3601 400
Domestic Data Entry Operator 4 IT-ITeS SSC/Q2212 400
Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant 4 IT-ITeS SSC/Q0110 400
Junior Software Developer 4 IT-ITeS SSC/Q0508 400
Field Technician Computing & Peripherals 4 ESSCI ELE/Q4601 300
Intallation Technician Computing & Peripherals 3 ESSCI ELE/Q4609 200
Through Hole Assembly Operator 4 ESSCI ELE/Q5101 200
PCB Assembly Operator 4 ESSCI ELE/Q7804 240
Manual Soldering Technician 3 ESSCI ELE/Q0105 200
Solar Panel Installation Technician 4 ESSCI ELE/Q5901 400
Electronic Hardware Design Engineer 5 ESSCI ELE/Q6102 300
Component Preparation Operator 3 ESSCI ELE/Q5202 200
Wireman - Control Panel 3 ESSCI ELE/Q7302 200
Tower Technician 4 TSSC TEL/Q4100 400
Tipper Dumper Operator 4 SCMS MIN/Q0403 240
Excavator Operator 4 SCMS MIN/Q0404 240
Loader Operator 4 SCMS MIN/Q0407 210
Buildozer Operator Turnasj 4 SCMS MIN/Q0304 240
Mechanic / Filter 3 SCMS MIN/Q0304 330
Mine Electrician 4 SCMS MIN/Q0416 540
HEMM Mechanic 4 SCMS MIN/Q0433 210
Mine Welder 4 MSC MIN/Q0423 350
Fireman 4 SCMS MIN/Q0439 210
Timber Man 3 SCMS MIN/Q0419 210

Centres managed by NTTF Skill Development:

Centers Location
Skill Development Centres TATA STEEL - BURMA MINES TSSDS
CSR Centres & Other Projects conducted @ Centre Level NSDC CSR(NMDC,HCL)
NSFDC CSR ( Various NTTF Centres )

NTTF Association with Govt. Skill Development Schemes

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Government & CSR Projects
Projects Location
DDUGKY Kerala & Gujarath
ASAP - Additional Skill Acquisition Programme Kerala
NULM - National Urban livelihood Mission Kerala
TNSC - Tamil Nadu Skill Corp Tamil Nadu
APSSDC - Andra Pradesh State Skill Development Corp Andra Pradesh
ODSA - Odisha Skill Development Mission Odisha
JSDMA - Jharkhand skill Development Mission Society Jharkhand
NSFDC REC CSR - National Scheduled Caste Finance & Development Kar, TN, AP, Kerala etc
MRPL CSR - Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited Karnataka
NRL CSR - Numaligrah Refinery Limited Karnataka
NSDC CSR - National skill Development Corp Karnataka

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