Diploma in Electrical & Electronics (CP23)

Program Details

Program type Department Duration Program Fee
Diploma Program (3-year Integrated program with Multiple Entry-Exit Option) Electrical & Electronics

The program duration is 3 years and students can take a break after the 1st or 2nd year. 

Certification awarded by NTTF after each year:
1st Year: Industrial Electrical Technician
2nd Year: Industrial / Equipment Electrician        
3rd Year: Diploma in Electrical & Electronics 

Note: There are no time restrictions on the break period, and after the break, they can resume their studies at the beginning of the following academic year.

Per Semester – Rs. 33,000/- (* Merit Quota)
(For year-wise program fee contact respective centres)

Program Highlights

This program covers two separate fields:

  • Electrical deals with the various ways to effectively and efficiently use of electricity, its installation and maintenance
  • Electronics deals with using and controlling electrical power to interpret an instruction and perform a desired task.

Our course target is to train young minds and to equip them with the best possible technical knowledge in electrical and electronics domain to meet the current and future demands of the industry and prepare to run own business.

This program focuses on holistic development of students:

  • Foundation build-up (basic knowledge of subjects)
  • Core engineering subjects and technological knowledge
  • Problem analysis skill
  • Design/Development of solutions
  • Modern tool usage
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Management personality development, ethics and communication
  • Individual and teamwork  
  • Life-long learning

This Program builds relevant skills & knowledge in students to perform many roles as stated below

Application Engineer

Automation Engineer

Electrical/Electronic Maintenance Engineer

Electrical Cad Engineer

Operation Manager

Electrical Product Designer




Mockup Test

A student should have passed Xth/ +2/ PUC/ 12th Std./ Vocational course. The maximum age is 24 years.

Lateral entry to 2nd year for Class 12/+2/PUC/ITI students!
Students awaiting Supplementary exam results can also apply.

The Program consists of learning

  • Circuit Analysis
  • Using hand &Electrical Measurement tools
  • Electrical Layout Design (Electrical CAD)
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • PLC programming and configuration
  • Trouble shooting
  • Electrical Maintenance & Protection
  • Internet Of Thinks (IoT)
  • Safety practices (PPE’s), etc.

Students can join our 3-year integrated diploma programs only after completing their SSLC or PUC or Class 12. They will have the option to take a break after completing their 1st year or 2nd year and resume their studies again whenever they wish by joining the subsequent relevant year.

At the end of the 1st year, a student will get a certificate based on a particular job role e.g., Industrial Electrical Technician and can take a break. Then a student can resume in the 2nd year to earn certificate credits. Similarly, after the 2nd year, a student gets a relevant job role-based certificate and can take a break, then resume in the 3rd year to earn diploma credits. After completing the 3rd year, a student will earn a Diploma Degree.

Students will be able to achieve proficiency in three-year integrated program as below:

First Year – Industrial Electrical Technician

  • Fabrication and Assembly of Small Electronics and Electrical Projects under guidance

Second Year- Industrial / Equipment Electrician

  • Integrate the above gained knowledge and skill for practical application through project work

Third Year- Diploma in Electronics Engineering & Embedded Systems

  • Design, Programming, Developing and Testing of Projects Consisting of Electronics, Microcontrollers, Embedded System and PLC

Our advanced methodologies are based on our belief that people learn by doing.

Our approach reflects our commitment to equip organizations and its people with tools and techniques tested in practice that are aligned with essential industry standards for long-term performance.

  • Training methodology used for grooming students is 40% theory and 60% practical training on the shop floor.
  • Tabs are provided with study material and also used in class room online assessment after every class room session, thus verifying the understanding of key concepts.
  • Assessment through Intermediate exams / semester exams (both theory and practical’s), thus providing clear and timely feedback on academic performance.
  • Develop trainee’s competency through technical talk – shop talk – discovery learning & working projects in all six semesters.
  • Provides opportunity to trainees in various competitions like QCC, Regional & world skill competitions conducted by Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII), NDSC etc.
  • Practical hands-on working on special machines like CNC, Robotics etc to perform special operations in tool making process/ manufacturing.
  • Trainees are given exposure to modern tools like 5s – Lean manufacturing – TPM concepts through various drives.

First Year 
English, Mathematics, Applied Science, Electrical Technology 1, Electronics, Basic of Computer, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Practical.

English II, Mathematics II, Electrical Circuit Analysis, Analog Electronics, Electrical Material Science, CAD, Workshop Practical, Electrical Wiring Practical.

Second Year
Electrical and Electronics Measurement, Digital Electronics, Electrical Machines (I), Renewal Energy 1 (Solar Technology), Computer Programming.

Control System, Electrical Machines (II), Power Engineering (I), Micro Controller and Application, Renewal Energy 2 (Wind Energy), Electrical Layout Design (Electrical CAD).

Third Year
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Power Electronics (I), Power Engineering (II), Embedded Systems, Switchgear and Protection, IoT, Maintenance and Installation of Electrical Machine. Industrial Management, Power Electronics (II), Estimation, costing and utilization of energy, Industrial drives, Main projects.

 NTTF 3-year Diploma and International Diploma from NOCN, UK benefits:

1. NTTF Diploma Certification

2. LEVEL 5 DIPLOMA from NOCN, UK (if Enrolled)

3. B.Voc. Degree (if enrolled)

4. NSDC Certification

First Year         
Student will be able to learn Conventional Machine Panel Wiring and awarded Certificate as Industrial Electrical Technician after completion of 1st Year.

Second Year     
Student will be able to learn Maintenance and Servicing Electrical Equipment under guidance and awarded certificate as Industrial / Equipment Electrician after completion of 1st and 2nd Year.

Third Year         
Student will be able to Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems (Power Transmission and Distribution) and awarded certificate as Diploma in Electrical & Electronics post completion of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year.

Burma Mines Training Centre(BNTC)

NTTF Technical Training Centre at
TATA steel technical institute,
Namdih road, Near Durga Puja Ground,
Burma mines
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand-831007
Ph: +91 9102924969 / 6203214501
Email : Bntc@Nttf.Co.In

R & D, Servicing & Maintenance, Testing-Electronic Hardware, Hardware/PCB Design, VLSI Layout Design, Software Testing, Automation Installation


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