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Program Details

Program type Department Duration Program Fee
Diploma Course Electricals and Electronics
The program duration is 3 years and each academic year begins in July and ends in June
33,000/- (* Merit Quota)

Program Highlights

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global market for Embedded Systems is likely to rise to $116.2 billion by 2025. Over the past decade, Embedded Systems have become an integral technology in industries like Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Medical Devices, Communication and Industrial Automation. So this might be the right time for you to gain knowledge, develop skills and build a promising career in the Embedded Systems industry.

Whether you want to program your first Microcontroller or learn Circuit Assembling or IoT Applications, NTTF has a diploma course for you. Our program focuses 65% on practical training and 35% on theory. Also, get an International Certificate – Level 5 Diploma from NOCN, UK (if enrolled) after completing this program.

This program is designed, structured for an all-around development of students that makes them strongly employable in the fields such as Electronics, Embedded Application Engineering, Manufacturing, Software, and Hardware Engineering. This 3-year program includes:

  • Communication
  • Foundation (basic subjects Maths & Science)
  • Knowledge in Core subjects, technology
  • Training for technical skill development
  • Management – personality development

A student must have a Class 10/ Class 12/ PUC/ Vocational course passing certificate. The maximum age limit to apply for this course is 24 years.

The Program consists of learning

  • Hands-on training in Electronics/Measurements/Microcontrollers/Industrial Electronics
  • Practicals and workshops on Electronic Equipment
  • Computer Programming – C, C++, Python
  • Simulation and Testing of Circuits
  • PCB Design and Fabrication
  • Circuit Assembling, Testing and Troubleshooting
  • PLC Programming and Operation
  • IoT Applications
  • Project Execution
  • Basic Mechanical Workshops and Conventional Machine Operations
  • Training methodology used for grooming students is 65% practical and 35% theory
  • Laptops are provided with study materials for online classroom assessment after every classroom session, thus verifying the understanding of key concepts
  • Assessment through intermediate exams/semester exams (both theories and practicals), thus providing clear and timely feedback on academic performances
  • Develop trainee’s competency through technical talk – shop talk – discovery learning and working projects in the 6th Semester
  • Provides opportunities to trainees in various competitions like QCC – regional and international skill competitions conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
  • Trainees are given exposure to modern tools like 5s – Lean manufacturing – TPM concepts through various drives

The course is designed for 6 semesters to learn theory & perform time bound practical


Sem 1 –

English- I, Applied Mathematics- I, Applied Science, Electronics, Electrical Engineering– I, Practical: Applied Science Lab, Electronics Lab, Electrical Engineering– I Lab, Basics Of Computer Lab, Engineering Drawing & Fusion 360 Lab, Workshop Practical


Sem 2 –

English- I, Applied Mathematics- II, Analog Electronics- I, Electrical Engineering- II, Digital Electronics- I, Practical:  Analog Electronics- I Lab, Electrical Engineering- II Lab, Digital Electronics- I Lab, WIRING DRAWING WITH FUSION 360 Lab, Workshop Practical   


Sem 3 –

Analog Electronics- II, Digital Electronics- II, Analog Communication, Computer Programming-I(C, C++&SQL), PCB (Design, Fabrication & Troubleshooting), Practical: Analog Electronics- II Lab, Digital Electronics- II Lab, Computer Programming- I Lab (C, C++ & SQL), PCB Lab ( Design, Fabrication & Troubleshooting), Analog Communication Lab, Simulation Lab (Lt Spice/Automation Studio/PROTEOUS)


Sem 4 –

Industrial Electronics, Circuit Analysis, Computer Programming- II (Python), Microcontrollers & Applications– 8051, Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement Systems, Practical: Industrial Electronics Lab, Circuit Analysis Lab, Computer Programming- II Lab  Python), Microcontrollers And Applications- 8051 Lab, Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement Systems Lab, Internet Of Things - I Lab


Sem 5 –

Digital Communication, Advanced Microcontroller – PIC, VLSI Technology,

Embedded System Concepts, Computer Programming- III (Web Tech & Android)

Practical: Digital Communication Lab, Advanced Microcontroller- PIC Lab, VLSI Technology Lab, Embedded System Concepts Lab, Computer Programming- III Lab           ( Web Tech & Android), Internet Of Things- II Lab


Sem 6 –

Industrial Management, Programmable logic Controller– PLC, Data Communication, Advanced Microcontroller– Arm, Practical: Advanced Microcontroller- Arm Lab, Programmable logic Controller- PLC Lab, Industrial /Institutional Project

NTTF Diploma and International Diploma from NOCN,UK benefits:

1. NTTF Diploma Certification
2. LEVEL 5 DIPLOMA from NOCN, UK (if Enrolled)

3. B.Voc degree (if enrolled)

4. Also qualified through NSDC in each year with NSQF Level 4 by the completion of the course.

5. Successfully provided placements to our students in more than 500 leading industrial institutions all around the world.

6. Offering placements in top MNC Companies Like Infosys, Accenture, HP, Cognizant, Dell, L&T, Wipro, Bosch, ITC, LG and More.

7. Get Certified through CISCO’s Netacad world class courses in Networking, IoT, Cyber-Security and more.

8. Get Certified in Intel’s IoT.

The NSQF level (Level 4) descriptors are as under





Process       required





Core skill


Level 4

Work in familiar,

predictable, routine,

situation of

clear choice

Factual knowledge of

Field of Knowledge or study

Recall and

Demonstrate practical skill, routine and repetitive in narrow range of

application, using appropriate rule and tool, using quality concepts

Language to  communicate  written or oral,

with required clarity, skill to basic arithmetic

and algebraic

principles, basic

understanding of

social political

and natural environment

Responsibility for own work and learning

Electronic City Centre(NEC)

NTTF Electronic city Centre,
40/40A, Electronic City post,
Hosur Road,
Bangalore 560 100, Karnataka,
Phone: 91-(0) 080-42623506
Fax: 91-(0) 80-28520562
Email: nec@nttf.co.in

Jamshedpur Centre(RNTC)

NTTF Technical Training Centre,
RD TATA Technical Education Centre, Golmuri
Agrico Post - 831009,
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand,
Phone: +91 6203750361 / 6203750362
Fax: +91-(0) 657-2348749
Email: Rntc@Nttf.Co.In

Burma Mines Training Centre(BNTC)

NTTF Technical Training Centre at
TATA steel technical institute,
Namdih road, Near Durga Puja Ground,
Burma mines
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand-831007
Ph: +91 9102924969 / 6203214501
Email : Bntc@Nttf.Co.In

Mallapuram Training Centre(INTC)

NTTF Technical training centre
Inkel Educity Campus,
Karathode, Panakkad,
Oorakam-Melmuri PO,
Malappuram – 676 519
PH: 0483-2836636 / 8606490101 / 8606390101
Email: Intc@Nttf.Co.In

Gopalpur Training Centre(JNTC)

NTTF Technical Training Centre,
at J.N. TATA Tech. Education Centre,
Gopalpur, Jagannathpur, P.O
Narendrapur, Ganjam Dist-760007, Odisha
Phone: +91 9663240396 / 7978726960
Email: Jntc@Nttf.Co.In

Open a world of career opportunities in various sectors of engineering and manufacturing industries in India and abroad after completing this program. These sectors are:

  • Equipment Manufacturing Sector
  • Industrial Electronics and Automation Sector
  • Mobile Telephony Sector
  • Embedded Systems/Hardware and Software Design/Testing Sector
  • Telecommunication Sector
  • Aerospace Sector
  • Software Development and Debugging Sectorsectors
  • Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing Sector
  • SPM Manufacturing
  • Service Sector
  • Training/Teaching Sector
  • Marketing, Business Development, Sales & Customer Support
  • WH, Logistics, Procurement, Sourcing Materials
  • Finance, Accounts, Costing & Commercial
  • HR & Administration
  • Research & Development
  • Product Design, Process Design & Industrial Engineering
  • Tooling & Automation
  • Factory Manufacturing
  • After-Sales
  • Training & Development
  • Quality Management
  • Maintenance & Facilities Management

This program builds relevant skills and knowledge in students to perform many roles as stated below.

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • R&D Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Electronics Hardware Designer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • PCB Designer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Coach/ Trainer/ Teacher
  • Automation Engineer
  • Technical Marketing Engineer
  • Design Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Testing-Electronic Hardware
  • Supplier Devp. Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Hardware Design
  • PCB Design
  • VLSI Layout Design
  • Software Testing
  • Automation Installation
  • Procurement Manager
  • Business Unit Head
  • Technical writer
  • Strategic Sourcing Specialist
  • Technical Consultant
  • Entrepreneur


NTTF Proud to provide Top Class Placement

NTTF hosts Campus Selections by the reputed industries across its centres pan India. Every year, campus selections are scheduled during January to May month. NTTF prepares the final year students – to face the interviews, industry etiquettes, induces self-confidence and makes them the true citizen of India through holistic training methodologies. NTTF Brand name is very popular in the industries especially in the Manufacturing, Automation, Information Technology and Computer Engineering sectors. Our trainees are placed in industries with attractive salaries.


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We at NTTF are overwhelmed to receive positive feedback consistently from our students and alumni over the years. Here are a few alumni testimonials highlighting our programs and training facilities.


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