Learn Industry 4.0 From Industry Leaders


 Program Highlights

The concerted objective of this program is to provide knowledge for smart automation and Industry 4.0. Smart Manufacturing and Automation with Industry 4.0 offered as a Joint program by Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) and Bosch Limited.

• Learn use case of Industry 4.0: Handling connected machines Technology, Industrial Robotics, Sensors, Controls and deploying Industrial IoT systems for data acquisition.

• Learn and get hands on exposure on Industry 4.0, tenets.

• Aspects of creating tangible outcome using data analytics.


Training Methodology

Target Audience: This flagship program is the perfect training, structured for Industry professionals at all levels to learn about Industry 4.0 and hands-on experience for implementation in Industry.

Training Centre: NTTF Electronic City Campus.

Industry Visit: Bosch Campus.

Certificate: Assesment and Certification for Participants.

Learning Outcomes: Hands-on training and realtime exposure towards Inter-disciplinary engineering orchestration of smart factories.


• NTTF, a pioneer in the hands-on technical skilling space, has taken this prepared step to fulfill the gap between any normal factory and a smart factory by delivering industry insights to participants.

• NTTF has established a structured best in Class Industry 4.0 CoE facility in Electronic city campus, Bangalore.


• BOSCH has pioneered in Industry 4.0 and implemented it with great success at Bosch facilities.

• The participants of this program will gain knowledge directly from Bosch experts and also will witness at Bosch factory how Industry 4.0 is implemented effectively.

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