CNC SINU MERIK Siemens 840DSL Simulator

Program Details

Program type Department Duration Program Fee
Certificate Course School of Computing Science
5 Days

Program Details

This is aimed at new starters learning to program and operate the SINU MERIK Operate control system for the technology milling.

·         Pursuing or fresh diploma and degree students interested to acquire knowledge on CNC SINU MERIK Siemens 840DSL Simulator.

·         Working professionals who are interested to enhance their career in leading roles are eligible to be a part of the evening and weekend programs.

Basic functions of the HMI and the control panel, to learn how to set up a milling machine, such as measuring tools, setting work offsets, Concept of creating a G code program with the program guide, using various technology cycles, free contour programming with the contour calculator and workpiece simulation.

·         Instructor-Led-Training

·         Hands-on-Lab

·         Self paced learning with Guidance

·         You can use the CNC to implement the following basic functions in conjunction with a machine tool

·         Execution of part programs, Manual control

·         Creation and adaptation of part programs using cycles, Editing of data for programs

·         Management of tools, zero points and user data required in programs

·         Access to internal and external data media

·         Diagnostics of controller and machine

·         Adapting of the NC data to the machine, system settings

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