CNC Internship:

Currently with unemployment among graduates 3 times than the national average unemployment rate.

Since 2018, internships are mandatory for Engineering and Diploma students. Students can also earn credits for entrepreneurial activity/project work/seminar and inter/intra-institutional training, says the AICTE policy report on internship. Innovation and Integration of New Age technology are considered a new direction to bring new applications, processes, and services to the table kindling the Entrepreneurial characteristics and deep learner skills.

  • In CNC internship Students will get experience of CNC Programming for Turning, Milling machines.
  • Experience in leveraging CAD CAM software tools and hands-on using of CNC machines.
  • Define the basic functions and control panel operations of a CNC machine.
  • Select and fasten a raw stock blank in a CNC lathe and mill for machining.
  • Identify and set up tooling to cut parts to meet a manufacturing part specification.
  • Summarize the principles of CNC setup, operation, and programming.
  • Describe and illustrate common problems with tooling and fixtures in CNC programming and machining.
  • Create and prove “G” code and “M” code programs to machine parts on a CNC turning center and a CNC milling center that meet the part specification.


NTTF’s best-in-class infrastructure with FANUC, offers "a unique internship Experience" to students.

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