PLC & Automation Internship

Currently with unemployment among graduates 3 times than the national average unemployment rate.

Since 2018, internships are mandatory for Engineering and Diploma students. Students can also earn credits for entrepreneurial activity/project work/seminar and inter/intra-institutional training, says the AICTE policy report on internship. Innovation and Integration of New Age technology are considered a new direction to bring new applications, processes, and services to the table kindling the Entrepreneurial characteristics and deep learner skills.

Automation based manufacturing companies are evolving at a rapid rate in the current market since they are able to deliver the product to the customer in a quick time. The demand for engineers having knowledge and idea about Automation is huge. PLC and SCADA systems play a significant role in any industrial mass production system. This internship is for students who wants to step into the Manufacturing Field, Process Automation Industries and various other sectors where automation is involved. The future leaders in the industries will be the people who can automate the whole process and keep on improvising the new tools and techniques.

NTTF’s best-in-class infrastructure with “Siemens CoE”, “ Fanuc CoE”, “Festo CoE”  Intel IIOT labs, offers "a unique internship Experience" to students.

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