Robotics internship

Currently with unemployment among graduates 3 times than the national average unemployment rate.

Since 2018, internships are mandatory for Engineering and Diploma students. Students can also earn credits for entrepreneurial activity/project work/seminar and inter/intra-institutional training, says the AICTE policy report on internship. Innovation and Integration of New Age technology are considered a new direction to bring new applications, processes, and services to the table kindling the Entrepreneurial characteristics and deep learner skills.

Robots are essential in many modern manufacturing industries. As the industries increase, scope for robots also increases. Having a knowledge of operating and programming industrial robots is an added advantage. We provide hands on training on Versatile FANUC robots which are compact and modular in construction used for variety of industrial applications. NTTF has FANUC CoE equipped with FANUC LR Mate 200iD/4s, LR Mate 200ic robots, Roboguide a simulation tool for all models of FANUC ROBOTS.

NTTF’s best-in-class infrastructure with a range of CoE’s from Stratasys Additive Manufacturing (3D) machines, Fanuc industrial Robots, offers "a unique internship Experience" to students.

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