PG DIPLOMA with Skanray in Medical Technology

NTTF & SKANRAY Joining hands to offer state of the art industry attached Post Graduate Programs

Through a recent notice, the NTTF has informed about the tie-up with SKANRAY. The aim is to bridge the gap in techno medical education. The tie-up is bringing for students a few world-class courses that can pave future pathways in Biomedical Engineering with specialisation in Biomedical Electronics, Power Electronics & Automation and Machine Design & Robotics.

As we can see massive growth in medical science, and medical instrumentation industry due to not only the rise of the current epidemic but a gross rise in many other diseases the growth in medical technology will keep its pace for a long time to come.

Seeing this unprecedented growth NTTF and SKANRAY decided to join hands and bring for existing medical professionals and future students few courses that will not only reduce their gap of knowledge but also create pathways for a rewarding career for many.

Students will get to learn from NTTF's 60 Years’ experience in providing world-class technical education. With one of the best infrastructures and educators from SKANRAY to build a career in the medical technology industry.

What is Biomedical Electronics and career opportunities in it? We can connect it to the biomedical engineering industry where the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology is helping the healthcare industry in many ways. It provides much needed technical knowledge to Medical industry professionals. Medical science is increasingly moving towards technology to find and solve many health-related issues. So, students of this course will have a bright future option to work with any leading Biomedical Electronics product manufacturing company. They can also work in organizations where these devices are currently in use.

What is Power Electronics & Automation and career opportunities in it? Power electronics is the area of engineering that focuses on applying solid-state electronics to the transformation and management of electrical power. The career opportunities in this field are plentiful and provide a good and stable future pathway. Automation is shaping the world and our life in a new way, and we can feel it in our everyday life. The automation allows them to move away from routine, predictable tasks and focus on more creative, innovative, and value-adding projects for the business. As this is our future, there is a massive demand for automation specialists. A bright career predicted with the Automation industry.

What is Machine Design & Robotics and career opportunities in it? Machine design defined as the use of imagination, scientific principles, and engineering techniques to create a machine or structure economically, to satisfy the requirements of a customer. Machine design is the first step in any machine's creation. Furthermore, Robotics is a bridging or an interdisciplinary research area. It stands at the interface of computer science and engineering. Robotics involves the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. The goal of robotics is to design intelligent machines that can help and assist humans in their day-to-day lives and keep everyone safe. It also comes with bright career opportunities.

Anyone interested to join the course needs to be a Graduate Degree holder in following specializations:

1. Mechanical

2. Electrical

3. Electronics

4. Computer Science

5. Information Technology

With limited seats, the course is launching from September / October 2020. The duration of the course will be for two years (4 semesters). Training will be given at Skanray, Mysore. Explore the great opportunity in the medical technology field with the industry leader and skilled experts.

Contact Details:

Electronic city Centre (NEC),
NTTF Electronic city Centre,
40/40A, Electronic City post,
Hosur Road,
Bangalore 560 100, Karnataka

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Contact Persons

Mr Jayaraj - +91-9844445439

Mr Pirabahar - +91-9739013543

Ms. Arathi - +91-7406433550

Mr. Ayyappan - +91-9995019809

Program Location: Skanray Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mysore.



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